samuel amoia blends soft shapes with rough crushed stones, onyx + brass shavings
all images courtesy of samuel amoia




new york’s delorenzo gallery and designer samuel amoia present an exclusive collection of seven limited pieces, each made from natural materials in a variety of hues and textures. amoia combines mediums like italian onyx, brass, and gem stones with tables, mirrors and consoles — an application which forms a distinct blend of material tactility and precision.

coffee table of crushed lapis lazuli – 36″ x 15″




pieces featured in the collection include an abstract console, formed by a base of geometric shapes coated in brass shavings and topped with a surface of italian onyx; a kidney-shaped table, which also uses onyx as a surface and brass-coated legs, attached by small nubs that protrude above the top; a red jasper ‘split kidney-shaped’ console, which is supported by a sequence of rectilinear legs; a sculptured bronze drum bearing a smooth top and a rough, terrain-like façade; a circular coffee table coated in lapis lazuli supported by twelve rectilinear legs; a small round table featuring a top of white onyx and a cylindrical base encrusted with black tourmaline; and a circular mirror held by eight, evenly spaced square clasps coated with brazilian aventurine in a tree hue. overall, the collection includes pieces that can either stand on their own, or complement each other through a balance between materials and inspired craftsmanship.

detail of the crushed lapis lazuli used throughout the design of the coffee table

console of crushed red jasper – 48″ x 34″ x 12″ 

the crushed red jasper console as viewed from the front

the surface is supported by a sequence of rectilinear legs

red jasper stones are crushed and applied to the console 

coffee table of brass shavings and italian onyx – 48″ x 24″ x 16″

a soft, organic shape is used as the table top surface 

small nubs of brass shavings surface on the top of the table 

console of brass shavings and italian onyx – 56″ x 34″ x 12″

geometric patterns are covered in brass shavings

detail of the brass shavings applied to the outer surface of the console 




alongside his exhibition in new york, amoia presents furniture and objects — including ‘drum of blue sodalite and white plaster’ and ‘drum of black tourmaline and black cement’ (pictured below) — at maison & objet americas 2016. amoia has been chosen as one of this year’s six M&O rising talents, who are showcasing their work in a specially-curated group space at the M&O americas fair.

drum of blue sodalite and white plaster

drum of black tourmaline and black cement