‘mantis’ by samuel wilkinson for case furniture

british designer samuel wilkinson has developed ‘mantis’, a modern table with attachable accessories, for london-based furniture company case. the solid wood work surface has a removable plate meant to neatly run wires and computer cords into the storage tray underneath. a small drawer can be placed below, ideal for laptops and paper. an optional file holder can be joined at the back for folders and documents to be held upright and out of the way. a metal plate fixed to the back doubles as a magnetic board and, in open spaces, is also a privacy screen. composed of exposed-grain wood and off-white powder coated metal, the desk is 140 cm wide by 74 cm high by 80 cm deep (55 inches wide by 29 inches high and 31 inches deep). 

samuel wilkinson: mantis deskstorage areas integrated into desk

samuel wilkinson: mantis deskview from below

samuel wilkinson: mantis deskmetal board allows for magnetic pin-up

samuel wilkinson: mantis deskdetail of wire container 

samuel wilkinson: mantis desk desk parts laid out showing all necessary pieces 

video by case showcasing the product in use