samuel wilkinson unveils babylon stationery for lexon
all images courtesy of samuel wilkinson





london-based designer samuel wilkinson has developed a six piece stationery set ‘babylon’ for french design brand lexon, which he has revealed at maison & objet 2014 in paris. the forms were based on layers found in rock strata, where soft mounds of sandstone are split and carved through a sweeping motion to create a delicate rippled effect. the series consists of a pen, pen cup, scissors, stapler, tape dispenser and an alarm clock. produced in a soft touch matte finish, the ‘babylon’ range is made from thick injection moulded abs, a strong and resistant plastic. the choice of materials and angled edges create a durable product that can be recycled at the end of its life.



‘I wanted to create an aesthetic, tactile set of objects that work as well in the office as in the home. each object has its own character and individuality but still looks coherent in a group… these forms were then split by planes rotated along one axis, usually vertically though the center. the 3D outlines around the shape were then re-skinned to create the final objects’. says samuel wilkinson.



‘babylon stationery by samuel wilkinson for lexon’
video courtesy of samuel wilkinson


the ‘babylon’ stationery set


the faceted forms were based on layers found in rock strata


the set consists of objects that can be used in both the office and the home



the stapler has an innovative rear detail that hides the hinge, usually apparent on most staplers. designed to sit either horizontally or vertically, the bright yellow color intentionally produces a subtle reference to a banana.


detail of the alarm clock



the alarm clock‘s 12 sided angled funnel form sits into the desk as if chopped by the surface. the piece features white hour, minute and second hands that are complimented by a bright green alarm hand. segmented by subtle raised details on the face to aid reading, the time teller also hides alarm controls and the battery compartment inside the rear case. the front is held onto the back body by magnets, which also conducts the action of the on/off switch.


the pieces have soft forms that are both compact and tactile



the form and signature color of the pen — dark blue — is reminiscent of ink from the past. it gently tapers down and flows out into the base that is heavily weighted to stabilize it. the piece is fitted with a standard removable ball point refill.


the pen cup



the cup consists of a soft-rounded, 10-sided form that has a heavy, weighted base. it features a soft inner bottom to soften the noise when pens are dropped in.


detail of the scissors with their holder



the scissors come with their own fitted stand that protects and holds them in an upright position. the design of the handles have been simplified to produce a dynamic form that is comfortable for both left and right handed users, while the base is also weighted.


the tape dispenser


the tape dispenser form appears to squeeze around the tape from the wide base. it features a simple top loading system and includes a weighted bototm and soft foot.


concept models





drawings reveal how each shape was conceived, by dividing into them into distinct segments