samy rio explores bamboo as conventional products substitute
all images courtesy of samy rio




bamboo, due to its natural characteristics and abundance, is practical as a substitute for products traditionally produced in plastics or metals. the wood requires considerably less processing, and is in fact, already a semi-finished product for the get-go. by rethinking the design and manufacture of products, it’s possible to create in a controlled, sustainable cycle. 

using the hair dryer 




french industrial designer samy rio has completed a phase of experimentation surrounding the possibilities of the material in terms of plasticity and technical ability. the internal layout of revised objects are completely redesigned, allowing for greater reparability and easier disassembly. through research, rio created a hair dryer. bamboo is an efficient alternative for the product due to its strength and high resistance capabilities. it can be easily disassembled to replace or fix any broken pieces, and it also creatively gets rid of the need for a switch. in the foldable model, the dryer starts by unfolding the handle. in the other version, a simple rotation of the bottom section of handle starts the unit.

samy rio bamboo tube products designboom
the fixed option is turned on by rotating a circuit interrupter at the end of the handle




also completed, is the bluetooth speaker. technical parts are connected to a rigid elastomer, which is then joined to the body as a cap. the controls icons are directly engraved into the bamboo, and because of integrated technologies, it can be synched with other speakers to create a mobile sound system. to create the works, rio also created a machine specifically for the processing and prep of bamboo tubes. the machine resembles an industrial lathe topped with a CNC mill that grinds bamboo into perfectly round tubes. the same machine can then be used for a variety of other purposes, including engraving, assembly, and finishing.

the information and the brand are directly engrave on the product 

information is visible regardless of paint or finish 

samy rio bamboo tube products designboom

bluetooth speaker with capacitive sensor control

samy rio bamboo tube products designboom
usb plug to reload the speaker

technical plans


samy rio bamboo tube products designboom
industrial tool dedicated to the work of bamboo tubes 



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