‘armless chair’ by SANAA for nextmaruni from left to right: minimini, mini, regular all photos by yoneo kawabe

the ‘armless chair‘ by SANAA for japanese furniture manufacturer maruni wood industry is one of the company’s most well received designs, popular for its charming silhouette which resembles rabbit ears. because of the chair’s success, ‘mini’ and ‘minimini’ versions of the design were sold last fall for a limited time. however, because of continuous inquiries and interest into the alternative, smaller variants, the producer is making the chair available in all three sizes (regular, mini, minimini) as part of its standard line. available from september 6th, 2011 all three sizes will be available in a range of 8 colors.

SANAA: mini and minimini sized armless chair white, black and grey versions

SANAA: mini and minimini sized armless chair the chairs will come in a range of 8 colors

the ‘armless chair’ by SANAA was previously exhibited as part of designboom’s ‘asia now’ exhibition. you may see coverage of the presentation here.