once more expressing their creativity in a combination of design, humor and art, sancal’s ‘COSAS’ collection amazes, delights and inspires on its debut at milan design week 2018. as the spanish translation for ‘things’, ‘COSAS’ is a group of objects that defies definition in an eclectic style only capable by the suave yet always surprising spanish brand. at its core, it is composed of three ingredients, ranging from artistically illustrated blankets and cushions to first-of-a-kind fashion accessories.


interview with egle zvirblyte


sancal COSAS collection groups decorative designs that defy definition
‘born free’ blanket
all images courtesy of sancal



bright colors and a feminine silhouette welcomely wraps users in the ‘born free’ blanket for sancal’s ‘COSAS’ collection. as well as its witty character, the design depicts the boundaries between art and industry, where masterpieces are manufactured, as illustrated by lithuanian artist egle zvirblyte. the warm colors match the soft and light material to create the perfect accessory for gloomy winter or just plain lazy days. furthermore, the versatile blanket can also be used as a cushion or even a throw.

sancal COSAS collection groups decorative designs that defy definition
‘lindo gatito’ blanket



the creative collaboration between the brand and artist continues with the ‘lindo gatito’ blanket. offering wild hugs from your most loyal feline friend, the blanket not only takes playfulness to the next level but also the connection between graphic and product design. as an accumulation of art, humor and color no less, the cushion-throw-blanket hybrid is once more a perfect accessory for vibrantly spicy up the home interior. its soft, warm and comfortable padding furthers this practice.

sancal COSAS collection groups decorative designs that defy definition
‘tápame mucho’ blanket



creating another perfect sofa and blanket formula, the ‘tápame mucho’ features illustrations from countless artists including egle zvirblyte once more. from irregular characters to splashes of vibrant color, the fashionable patterns bring the throws to life. the ‘banana guys’, ‘wild dots’ and ‘urban jungle’ prints adorn the A sides, whilst soft, warm and cuddle faux fur is featured on the reverse. the blankets, available in two sizes: 180×140 and 140x 90, is complete with bright colored trimmings that line the edges.

sancal COSAS collection groups decorative designs that defy definition
‘flower power’ vases



once more displaying a mixture of design, graphics and art, the ‘flower power’ vases continues the ‘cosas’ accessories line. in turn, the decorative items adorn the unusual and unique prints of the collection, acting more like a sculpture than a holder. however, in spite of this, the design is fully functional with its large base and tall tower. the textile vases, although full of fun, beauty and practicality, showcases the brand’s innovation by offering new life and recycling plastic bottles.

sancal COSAS collection groups decorative designs that defy definition
‘flora & fauna’ cushions



egle zvirblyte’s ‘banana guys’ and ‘wild dots’ illustrations return from the ‘tápame mucho’ blankets to decorate the ‘flora & fauna’ throw cushions. the lively items can alternatively adorn an elegant monochrome version with black and white prints, whilst faux fur features on the reverse. this means that the durable, light and practical designs offer warmth and comfort on one side and fun and esthetical prints on the other. available in two sizes: 40×40 and 66×66, the larger cushions are complete with colorful and playful trimmings.

sancal COSAS collection groups decorative designs that defy definition
‘rift’ cushions



featuring yet another unique print, the ‘rift’ cushions sources nature by visually recreating the cracks on parched earth. although seemingly fractured, the surface is nothing other than soft and pleasant to touch. furthermore, in juxtapose, the colors do not try to emulate its inspiration, instead using black as its base to contrast with vibrant green, blue, yellow and red hues.

sancal COSAS collection groups decorative designs that defy definition
‘sin pistol’ holsters



completing the sancal ‘COSAS’ collection with yet another surprise, the ‘sin pistol’ holsters by las culpass represents the brand’s first step into the fashion world. albeit sourcing a wild west history, the designs adorn black, grey, mole and navy blue colors, as well as even more provocative versions in red and klein blue. the items, said to be for architects and the wider designer community, are not only distinctive and original but also practical. the bags combine all elements of sancal’s design style along with soft materials.

sancal COSAS collection groups decorative designs that defy definition
las culpass wearing the ‘sin pistol’ holsters they designed for sancal