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sancal expresses its passion for illustration with ‘gráfica collection’




the ‘gráfica collection’ is a family of furniture that expresses sancal‘s passion for the disciplines of illustration and graphic design. primarily featuring a range of seating objects, the bold shapes and colors employed emphasize the products’s adaptability to the interiors in which they are presented. the ‘gráfica collection’ has been conceived by a diverse group of creatives and is composed of eight pieces: ‘bang’ by elena castaño-lópez; ‘barnaby’ by perrine vigneron & gilles belley; ‘collar’ by skirvo studio; ‘perigallo’ by sancal studio; ‘nap’ and ‘rew’ by rafa garcía; ‘silla40’ and ‘tartana’ by nadadora. though each piece is distinct in its own right, collectively they offer a cohesive grouping of works through subtle formal details.sancal grafica collection designboom
‘silla40’ by nadadora




to celebrate its 40th anniversary, sancal commissioned studio nadadora to develop a family of four chairs, each one standing for a decade of the spanish company’s existence. ‘silla40’ presents four individual designs that are connected through their underlying structure and materials – an ash wood construction, with upholstered seating. their differences lie in the backs, each of which are influenced by a key moment in furniture design history.sancal grafica collection designboom
all chairs of the ‘silla40’ series have the same underlying wooden structure and upholstered seat



the ‘R20’ draws from the concepts of marcel breuer and his ‘cesca’ chair; the ‘R30′ gives a nod to 1930s scandinavian design, with particular reference to alvar aalto’s ’69 chair’. the ‘R40’ stands to represent the philosophies of the 40s, 50s and 60s, and celebrates the ‘LCW’ chairs realized by charles eames. finally, the ‘R70’ is injected with creative influences from the 70s, such as ‘synthesis45’ by ettore sottssas for olivetti.



sancal grafica collection designboom
‘collar’ by skirvo studio




combining technology and handcraft, the ‘collar’ chair by skirvo studio features an injected moulded seat, with upholstery that is tailored to appear like a made-to-measure suit. buttons line the edge of the armrests, which have been folded over to mimic a shirt collar – visually expressing the appearance of a garment more so than a piece of furniture. ‘collar’ can be paired with either metal (black, grey or brown epoxy) or wooden ash feet.


sancal grafica collection designboom the armrest of the chair is folded over to mimic the collar of a shirt sancal grafica collection designboom
‘collar’ is available in both metal or wooden feetsancal grafica collection designboom
‘REW’ by rafa garcía




standing as an acronym for rest-eat-work, ‘REW’ is a family of modular seating by rafa garcía for use in a variety of environments.

sancal grafica collection designboom
‘rew’ is available in a high-back version which offers privacy in environments such as the office space




the ‘REW’ chairs and sofas are available in two styles: one that is high and thin (115cm) for obtaining more privacy in settings such as an office space or lobby of a hotel; and the other being low and plush (95 cm) reflecting the base of the design. the two depths which ‘REW’ comes in (57 and 72cm), have been measured with consideration to their intended use. the shallower version is an archetypal dining bench, offering a firm, upright sitting position. alternatively, the deeper option is ideal for outfitting with cushions to create a more informal and cozy environment.sancal grafica collection designboom
‘REW’ comes in both sofa and chair versions

sancal grafica collection designboom
small ‘rew’ armchair



sancal grafica collection designboom
‘nap’ by rafa garcía



in addition, garcía has envisioned ‘nap’ for the ‘gráfica collection’ which draws its formal references from the quilted details of old woolen mattresses. the design can be converted from a sofa into a bed (and vice versa) in two swift movements. a small compartment – finished in natural eucalyptus with feet stained black – hidden below provides an ideal place in which to keep linens and cushions out of sight.sancal grafica collection designboom
‘nap’ in its open bed function


sancal grafica collection designboom
‘barnaby’ by perrine vigneron & gilles belley




perrine vigneron and gilles belley‘s ‘barnaby’ takes its aesthetic expression from the notion of covering a seat with a throw. thus, the duo’s contribution to sancal’s 2014 collection has been conceived as a means of covering a sofa in a work of art – a tradition that is particularly prevalent on spain’s mediterranean coast. the upholstered cover that characterizes ‘barnaby’ is structured to have substantial volumes, accompanied by colored taping to mark the lines of the piece, to deliver an updated look. its rounded corners are reminiscent of cat ears, giving the chair an animated feel.

sancal grafica collection designboom
back view of the quilted chair



sancal grafica collection designboom
‘perigallo’ by sancal studio



domínguez, garcía & ibáñez of sancal studio have taken the ‘perigallo’ – a term from local spanish dialect used to describe a three-legged ladder to harvest fruit – and given it an updated function as a folding stool. the design is made from an ash structure and upholstered in any of the company’s fabrics, and can easily be folded and stacked away when not in use.sancal grafica collection designboom
the folding stool takes its form from the three-legged ladder used to harvest fruit in spain


 sancal grafica collection designboom

‘tartana’ by nadadora




studio nadadora has also contributed a suspended acoustic cover – their translation of a tartana’s – a carriage on two wheels – domed hood, for which it takes the same name. the ash structure is draped in a foam laminated fabric of bi-color felt variants: grey / navy blue, moka / wine, beige / lime; each having the same sound absorbing properties. available in a single measurement of 150 x 200cm, the tri-layered construction of the textiles placed on top come in XL (40cm overhang) or XS (20cm overhang) sizes, both of which provide the most optimal phono-absorbent effect.

sancal grafica collection designboom
‘bang’ by elena castaño-lópez




‘bang!’ cushions by elena castaño-lópez are colorful pieces of classic trimmings that bring contrasts between the bold hues and avant-garde patterns delivered in the form of soft objects. the combinations available are: cream-apple, yolk-klein, snow-grass, sky blue, coral or pearl.


‘gráfica collection’ at salone del mobile 2014
video courtesy of sancalchannel