sarah colson shows glass lighting and vessels at maison & objet 2015
all images © sarah colson




at maison & objet 2015 in paris, london-based designer sarah colson presents three collections — ‘lapis lux’, ‘vitro vas’ and ‘vitro lux’. the series of lighting objects and sculptural vessels are drawn from the organic, aesthetic qualities found in the form and color of our natural surroundings.

sarah colson lapis lux designboom




‘vitro vas’ comprises subtly elegant, hand blown glass vases in multiple textures, layering tactile qualities together with various hues and transparencies.

sarah colson lapis lux designboom
textures are layered together with various hues and transparencies

sarah colson_lapis lux_designboom_009
hand blown glass vases feature multiple textures




the ‘vitro lux’ collection of lamps is available in soft-hued and clear glass with contrasting colored flex. designed as an individual pendent, a desk lamp and clusters in a variety of sizes, the luminaire’s additional options of personalization include cable and glass color, tailored to suit the customer’s needs.

sarah colson lapis lux designboom
hanging pendants from the ‘vitro lux’ collection

sarah colson_lapis lux_designboom_004
the glass globes can be arranged as clusters

sarah colson_lapis lux_designboom_005
three hanging pendant variations in different lengths and color cords 




the ‘lapis lux’ collection, revealed for the first time at maison & objet 2015, offers five new lighting examples that play with light refraction and the relationship between glass and stone. the sculptural desk lamps have heavy tactile stone bases that contrast with the delicate glass forms. soft shadows create a warm ambiance, offering a feminine elegance that enhances the beauty and simplicity of the materials.

POTUM lux desk lamp: column

POTUM lux desk lamp: flask

lapis lux cluster: vertical

lapis lux cluster: curve