‘heimat’ oona gallery, berlin on now until august 21, 2010

‘ISAR’ collection

part of the ‘heimat’ exhibition, ‘ISAR’ collection by german jewelry designer saskia diez is named after the river that runs through munich nearby her atlier. there she collects stones including dolomite, calcite, local marbles and oil shale. according to diez, these stones in their initial form look quite ordinary but develop a beauty when carefully cut and polished.

saskia diez: ISAR for heimat

‘value is added by the handcraft work. the cutting and polishing, this is done in a factory where usually only material is worked on that is a lot more expensive than this. naturally, they do not really understand why one should spent this effort for these pebbles.‘ – SD

saskia diez: ISAR for heimat

while the cutting of the jewelry pieces are done outside of munich, the process of setting and mounting the collection with silver is completed at her atelier.