satyendra pakhalè: design by heart (design a memoria)OTTO gallery design and visual art, bologna, italyoctober 18th, 2003 to january 31s, 2004

solo exhibition curated by paola antonelli, MOMA, new york

satyendra pakhalé designs, among other things, objects, furniture, bureau accessories, and other tabletop products. he is able to combine east with west, craft with technology and function with fun. satyendra ranks among the most interesting young designers at work today.

‘in general, I am very interested in craftsmanship. one of the important examples I would like to cite here is the japanese designer issey miyake. if one looks at the unique creations of miyake such as ‘pleats please’ and ‘a-poc’, it is very evident that it has universal appeal; however it is also evident that it is deeply rooted in japanese culture. for me issey miyake has been a very important reference, such a use of artisanship has nothing to do with nostalgia.’ satyendra says.

‘the origins of many hi-tech products are often very traditional. a new car model is in the first instance still often hand-crafted prototype produced in clay or wood. my aim is to create contemporary objects blending the ‘old’ and the ‘new, ‘artisan’ and ‘highly industrialised’.