a group of american school students has invented a stroller attachment for wheelchairs that allows people with disabilities to take their baby out for a walk. led by their teacher matt zigler, the students from bullis school in maryland, the US, created the invention as part of a class called ‘making for social good’. the invention is called the ‘wheestroll’ and it’s designed to be safe yet simple to make.

wheestroll baby stroller attachment for wheelchairs designboom

jeremy king using the wheestroll



the idea for the wheestroll first came about when new parents jeremy and chelsie king were looking for a safe way for jeremy to parent from his wheelchair. as told to good morning america, jeremy had undergone surgery for a brain tumor three years prior, which left him with some physical challenges like not being able to balance well. also a teacher at bullis school, his wife chelsie asked her colleague for help. and the wheestroll was born.

high school students design a baby stroller attachment for wheelchair users

the wheestroll can be adapted to fit different sized wheelchairs and baby seats



the device is primarily composed of an infant car seat, which keeps the baby inside nice and safe. the seat is then enclosed in a frame and attached to the wheelchair with two legs. the design can also be adapted to fit different sized wheelchairs and baby seats.



the wheelstroll aims to provide an accessible and affordable solution for new parents with disabilities. to that end, zigler has even made a full instructional video, which you can see here below. to see the full parts list and step-by-step instructions, check out his instructables page here.


video courtesy of matt zigler



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name: wheestroll