designboom collaborates with SCHOTT CERAN® to present the DESIGN AWARDS 2017 competition



SCHOTT CERAN® – the german-based world market leader in glass-ceramic cooktop panels – has the philosophy ‘never stop inventing’ when working with and thinking about the material glass-ceramic. the company believes that there are ideas that haven’t been elicited yet, and therefore, are always working on new solutions – with curiosity and passion. this spirit pushed the brand to collaborate with designboom on a special design competition.


now it’s up to you to bring the material of glass-ceramic to the future, using the acronym FUSICS:



cooking used to be done behind closed doors, but today the kitchen turned often to the heart of home. it’s no longer only a place to prepare food – it’s a place to enjoy cooking. this is when functions and features helps you to get out the best and most comfortable cooking experience as possible, e.g. by integrating a scale right under the glass-ceramic cooking panel. but this is only one idea. what’s yours?



it’s no secret that nowadays there are more people living in urban spaces than in rural areas. living spaces become smaller, walls are giving away for open spaces. this increasing trend should be concerned in your design – maybe the cooktop panels are part of your dining table?



from the first idea through the production up to the shipping we always pay attention to resource friendly and energy efficient solutions. that makes SCHOTT CERAN® a completely eco-friendly glass-ceramic cooktop panel – and a perfect material to work with for the future. use it for your ideas, give it another shape or color, combine it with other materials and think about environmentally friendly cycles and processes that will make your design extraordinary.



there is always space for a hi-light, no matter if you use the illuminating element as a design or functional feature. ambient light will always set a unique mark at the cooking space, while a light guiding system shows the way to a perfect meal. just find your way to illuminate your best cooking experience.



make the cooking space smart. your conceptualized ideas of connectivity and mobility can play with an interactive and interconnected display as the control center of your cooking space or you use it as supporting element for your cooking experience – or you use it in a way we never thought about.



we believe that human beings will be the master chefs of the future cooking. therefore, think the cooking space social, cultural, diverse and emotional. design a space, you would love to spent time together with friends or family – in person or digital.



participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts. free registration is required. participants should have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. application registration will be accepted from may 15th through july 31th. (23:59 GMT)



full details about the SCHOTT CERAN® DESIGN AWARDS 2017 and how to participate can be found HERE.