'seadeck' hybrid-motor yachts of matteo thun & azimut savor open decks & less emission

'seadeck' hybrid-motor yachts of matteo thun & azimut savor open decks & less emission

‘Seadeck’ yachts with 40% less carbon emission


For the first time, Azimut conceives a series of luxurious yachts designed by Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodriguez, and Alberto Mancini for families and the environment. The new Seadeck family runs on hybrid motors that help reduce the vehicles’ emissions by up to 40 percent. These motors are installed in all three stately water vehicles of Azimut’s Seadeck models, integrating Volvo hybrid propulsion and onboard systems catered to reduce energy consumption. Design-wise, the yachts are lined with over 40 percent carbon-fiber surface.


The planning hull is the most efficient that Azimut has built to date, thanks to the achievement of the R&D team and the conducted research on naval engineering.  Compared to a traditional flybridge boat of similar dimensions, the Seadeck family can deliver a 40 percent reduction in carbon emission over a year of average use. Seadeck 6, the first of the three models in the Seadeck series, will be presented at the Boot di Düsseldorf in 2024 while  Seadeck 7 and Seadeck 8 will follow between 2024 and 2025.

seadeck azimut
images courtesy of Azimut



Past its technological invention, Azimut follows the ethos of bringing passengers back to nature’s nook. The yacht company joins up with designers Alberto Mancini and Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez to realize expansive and coveted interior and exterior spaces. The family-friendly motor yachts open up to the sea with their unobstructed, exposed aft lounges that greet the sea.


Dubbed the ‘Fun Island,’ these onboard spaces offer up immersive sea sights and heighten the sense of oneness between the interior and exterior as the large windows and doors that separate the two swing wide. Having sliding barriers cuts off any suffocating feeling between the inside and outside, allowing passengers to fully enjoy luxury.

seadeck azimut
Seadeck 6 open lounge



Bringing the interior and exterior spaces together


Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez draw their interior design concept for Azimut’s  Seadeck series on the ‘conscious’ philosophy, the duo’s distinctive approach to their architectural projects. They work on the principles of subtraction to uncover the core of a yacht space and carve areas where families can easily ‘feel good’ on board. They touch upon luxury centered on well-being by adopting natural or recycled materials.


They replace teak with cork to craft their imperial designs and squeeze generous spaces into the mix. ‘We prefer to talk about awareness rather than sustainability,’ say Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. ‘A philosophy that determines our way of doing architecture. We try to work by subtraction, because reducing means durability, both technically and aesthetically. And a boat must last over time and be beautiful forever.’

seadeck azimut
Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez and Alberto Mancini design the interior of the new series



Tying in the interior with the exterior has always been the desire of the design team. Right from the very first sketches, Alberto Mancini modulated the lines between the two spaces from taught and dynamic to sinuous and essential, thus defining the infinite space of the Fun Island.


‘We wanted to create a boat that puts maximum emphasis on the concept of openness and transparency, and that also represented a radical change in terms of the relationship with nature,’ he says. ‘With the introduction of the Fun Island, Seadeck is actually a floating island where owners can get away from their daily routine and live in total contact with the sea.’

seadeck azimut
Seadeck 6 bedroom



Azimut has introduced technological innovations in its recent launches to reduce environmental impact alongside design solutions that bring down barriers between interior and exterior to re-establish closer contact with the sea and nature. Giovanna Vitelli, Chair of Azimut Benetti Group, says that Seadeck is a new starting point for the company’s future generations.


‘We wish, once again, to chart a course that will be an inspiration for the entire industry, so that the theme of respect for the environment is interpreted – as it is for Seadeck – with a concrete approach made up of investment, technological research, and the courage to introduce a new lifestyle that embraces the sea,’ she says. 


Seadeck 7

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