‘soup & co’ by sebastian bergne for moulinex

since 2003, london-based designer sebastian bergne has been collaborating with french brand moulinex on various small appliances for use around the home. the latest product stemming from their partnership is ‘soup & co’, a soup maker which takes automated cooking products to a new level.

the machine features two main programs for soup making, depending on the texture you want: P1 fine and P2 coarse, and produces up to 6 servings in one go, completely hands free. just put all your ingredients into the mixing jug, set the machine to your desired program and let the soup blend and cook.

the design is a security jar and lid system constructed from a stainless steel body and base with an easy lock / unlock jug handling trigger, and details made from ABS plastic (comprised of a transparent lid, measuring cup and cooking basket accessories).  four stainless steel blades help break down larger foods, accompanied by five different control speeds and a pulse option. the gadget also offers a heat setting which has the capacity to hold temperatures between 60-100 degrees celsius, and a ‘keep warm’ function of 40 minutes. apart from its soup making capabilities, the appliance has a blender and ice crushing mode for alternative food preparation.

sebastian bergne: automatic soup machine for moulinex control panel

demonstration of ‘soup & co’