london-based designer sebastian bergne has collaborated with manufacturers gaia & gino and swarovki on ‘eye’, a family of table top objects which utilizes the five hundred year old tradition of iznik ceramic prouduction. for bergne, the project is a meeting point of eastern and western cultures.

‘eye’ has its origins in the traditional turkish ‘nazar’ charms that are carried or displayed to protect their owner from the ‘evil eye’ or bad luck. bergne has reinterpreted these charms and translated them into a series of over-sized motifs that seem to watch over us.

the pieces are made in traditional the iznik factories of western anatolia, using quartz based clay and glaze recipes which date back hundreds of years. the inclusion of the swarovski crystals add texture and light to the pupil. sebastian bergne: eye sebastian bergne: eye

sebastian bergne: eye preliminary sketches

‘eye’ will be exhibited as part of ‘swarovski elements at work’ exhibition at the triennale museum, milan from april 14th – 19th, 2010.