‘sinapsi’, by chilean designer sebastian errazuriz, is a modular shelving system whose ‘branches’ create a variety of routes and spaces to accommodate the storage of different items. initially conceived through the study of cells and brain synapsis, the design offers a form that can be repeated and flexibly re-rearranged for different user needs. in order to produce ‘sinapsi’, errazuriz used pressed wood which was shaped without using any molds. this type of industrial process permits the creation of even more complex forms.

sebastian errazuriz: sinapsi for HORM detail 130cm x 21cm x 2 cm (with a total height 60 cm) finishes are available in natural ash, black walnut, ash, mocha

‘sinapsi’ was presented by italian company HORM at the milan design week 2010.

sebastian errazuriz: sinapsi for HORM