‘alcove’ by sébastien cordoleani photos © studio sébastien cordoleani

spain-based french designer sébastian cordoléani has created, ‘alcove’; a table or hung lamp formed from ​​a single sheet of paper which is bent in order to form an arch by which the piece becomes freestanding. as a table lamp, the slightly reflective white or colored paper provides a niche in which one may work or showcase prized objects. the colorful lighting implement emits a diffused beam, softly illuminating the table and objects placed within the curved space. a very similar affect is produced by the lamp hung from a wall, yet, devoid of the table as a reflective surface, the light of the lamp is further diffused beneath the folded shade.

sébastien cordoleani: alcove lamp the piece features a white interior and black exterior color scheme

sébastien cordoleani: alcove lamp ‘alcove’ as a hanging lamp

sébastien cordoleani: alcove lamp alternate view of ‘alcove’ blue interior and white exterior lamp

sébastien cordoleani: alcove lamp clockwise from upper left: step one in folding ‘alcove’; step two; step three; and ‘alcove’ in its completed form