sebastien wierinck’s futuristic bench for his bistro 16 installation

bistro 16 is a public art space which first opened up earlier this spring. a collaborative project with fashion designers and artists hosted within the strelka institute for media, architecture and design‘s strelka bar in moscow, russia. participants involved in this experiment all share the conviction that elitism in art is out of date, thus bringing forth more art as a means of fully transforming the public space.

in july, bistro 16 hosted an installation by belgian designer sebastien wierinck. known for his belief that luxury objects should be created out of materials at hand, wierinck transformed the bar by using ordinary red caterpillar tubes to create both a sculptural and functional display in which patrons could interact with the piece. the industrial material was arranged in a bundle, creating bench seating which extended upwards on either end, separating into individual tubes, outfitted with lighting elements to provide additional illumination.

sebastien wiernick for bistro 16 installation view

sebastien wiernick for bistro 16 up close of the bench formed from red currogated tubes

sebastien wiernick for bistro 16 alternative view