SELCE hand-crafts kitchen utensils from natural bamboo
all images courtesy of SELCE




london-based design studio SELCE presents their ‘bamboo utensils’, a project that aims to make use of the natural characteristics of bamboo to create concave spaces that in this case, end with a perfect form for kitchen utensils. the perpendicular formations called diaphragms, that separate the bamboo poles in sections, are at the core of these objects and constitute a unique feature of this plant. all items are completely handmade by the two young designers in their studio in north london, therefore giving each piece its unique shape according to the natural characteristics of the piece of bamboo used.

the bamboo large serving stirring spoons are perfect for salads




SELCE designers riccardo and jaxon say, ‘the choice of the materials and processes should not be determined by how fashionable, attractive or new they are, but by their suitability to the function and a determination to make design as affordable and widely available as possible to those who need it or can benefit from it. design is for everyone, with no distinctions.’

by taking advantage of the bamboo’s concave characteristic, the perfect utensil shape is achieved 

all the items are completely handmade by the two SELCE designers

the bamboo utensils can be purchased for both left and right handed

selce bamboo utensils
because they have been hand-crafted, each piece is completely original

selce bamboo utensils
a big order ready to be delivered

selce bamboo utensils
measuring distances and in general attention to detail is very important 

selce bamboo utensils
every piece goes through a precise quality control process

selce bamboo utensils
the final touches are given through hand sanding 

all items are made to order and are available left handed and right handed on designboom’s shop



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edited by: juliana neira | designboom