golfJC’s self barber mirror does everything but cut your hair
all images © tanoo onudom




anyone who has at one point attempted to cut their own hair, has dealt with the anxiety-inducing situation of lopping an area based solely on feeling rather than sight. being your own barber is a skill hard-won, which is why thai designer golfJC created the ‘self-barber mirror’. influenced by his own experiences, the free-standing mirror offers two foldable planes which allow the user to see themselves from every necessary angle. behind the glass, a hidden compartment stores various grooming equipment: such as combs, scissors, or clippers. ‘self-barber mirror’ is constructed with teak wood, reflective-coated glass, and metal. 

panels can be oriented at any angle to aid users in the hair-cutting process

full mirror 

golfJC's self barber mirror does everything but cut your hair
both sides of storage compartment  

self barber mirror golf-JC designboom
‘self barber mirror’



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