some of the ‘no noise’ de-branded products


several iconic products have been de-branded as part of selfridges‘ ‘no noise’ campaign which launched today, which urges its customersto seek out moments of peace and tranquility within our world that bombards us with information and stimulation. the initiative is meantto capture the western world’s focus on detoxing, decluttering, finding inner calm and greater well-being.


as part of the campaign, selfridges is removing their logos from their iconic yellow addition heinz ketchup, heinz baked beanz, marmite, clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, creme de la mer moisturising cream, striiiipes, beats by dre heaphones and levis 501 jeans are all available to buy in limited quantities sans logo, as a statement by the participating brands saying that their product alone is enough, and that their logos are so beautifully designed, customers will recognize themwithout the need for the brand name.

selfridges&co. 'no noise' de branded products

de-branded heinz ketchup and baked beans



selfridges&co. 'no noise' de branded products

 levis 501 jeans


selfridges&co. 'no noise' de branded products

left: creme de la mer moisturising creamright: clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion


‘as we become increasingly bombarded with information and stimulation, the world is becoming a noisier place. In an initiative that goes beyond retail, we invite you to celebrate the power of quiet, see the beauty in function and find calm among the crowds.’ – selfridges

full details can be found over at the ‘no noise’ webpage.