sentidos duetta sharing bike provides comfortable and fun ride for two
images courtesy of sentidos




even at the same height, weight and cost of a standard bicycle, the sentidos ‘duetta’ sharing bike comfortably sits two people in a fun ride. born on the idea of cooperation, the two-wheeler enables both users to pedal, diminishing the effort of propelling it and creating an enjoyable sensation of riding with a partner. the integration of an adjustable second seat provides a much safer option to do this, than just letting the passenger rest on another part. in spite of this, the ‘duetta’ is capable to be ridden alone, but the concept truly aspires to establishing an entertaining, multiple user mode of public transport.

the bike is available for single person use as well as for two people




‘we focus on design and development which is our expertise. at the same time we intend to work side by side with manufacturers who could massively market the products.’ said founder indalecio sabbioni

the joint effort for pedaling, means users do not have to try so hard




all the many components for the duetta


the first and second seats are adjustable in order to provide a comfortable ride



showing how people can come together and enjoy the shared bike
video courtesy of indalecio sabbioni


developed for sharing, the concept lets people connect with an enjoyable journey experience


the additional seat offers a much safer sitting option than other bikes do




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