reflection, 2004  – nylon and stainless steel tube, dimensions variable edition of 2 installation at lehmann maupin gallery, new york. images courtesy suh do-ho and lehmann maupin gallery

seoul is fascinating you’ll find an art scene that you might not know existed. contemporary korean artistic expression is quite distinct and unique, though has a relative short history. most of the artists came back from studying abroad, and their work underwent a complicated transition between traditional art and the avant-garde, not to mention the confusion associated with trying to find its identity. focus of world interest, nam june paik, suh se-ok and lee ufan were the first generation. on the heels of second generation artists suh do-ho, lee hyungkoo and choi jeong hwa, dynamic young artists emerge one after the next. the popularity of korean contemporary art also increased due to the establishment of numerous new art centers, galleries and private art museums and it seems that korean art has developed a sense of awareness of its own history and culture and has the potential to lead its own future.

in this part of the exhibition we take you inside the hot art scene of a hot country.