‘shake dog potty’ by modko



spotted at ‘wanted design‘ during new york design week 2013 was modko‘s portable ‘shake dog potty’ which garners its name from the unique method used to clean it. the sleek, flat design can easily be folded and carried wherever you go (it has handles), and is ideal for those times when it’s just too cold to take your pet out for a walk, or if you know you’ll be stuck at work quite late and won’t be able to get home in time!


it features a solid grate which offers a stable platform for your dog to stand on, and octagonal holes to limit splash-back. directly below are pitched wells which direct liquid toward the center, trapping it in sealed chambers so that it can be closed like a briefcase without any spillage. when you want to clean it, uncap the oversized fill hole, add water, shake it and empty the liquid into the toilet. the simple and practical concept lies flat so you don’t have to be ashamed about leaving it out, and rubber feet keep it from shifting or scratching your floors.




shake dog potty by modko




shake dog potty by modkothe design stands at 16″ tall, 18″ wide and 3″ deep when closed. in its open state it is 1.5″ tall, 32″ long and 18″ wide–perfect for small to medium sized dogs




shake dog potty by modkohow it works



shake dog potty by modko‘shake dog potty’ by modko on display at ‘wanted design’ during new york design weekimage © designboom



shake dog potty by modkothe design functions like a briefcase and can be closed when not in useimage © designboom



shake dog potty by modkodetail of the oversized fill holeimage © designboom



shake dog potty by modkoa solid grate features octagonal holes which limit splash-backimage © designboom