geely gt tiger – chinese sports car concept (via jalopnik)

while the furniture industry was busy in milan this past week, the auto sector was showing off their latest wares at the shanghai auto show. this auto event comes at a crucial time for many automakers struggling to stay alive. the show featured a fair number of aerodynamic luxury sport cars and also quite a few more sober concepts for the mass market. here is a look at some of the highlights.

shanghai auto show 2009 rolls royce ghost – a new model line from the english luxury car maker (via jalopnik)

shanghai auto show 2009 jac a0 concept – inexpensive chinese compact (via thetycho)

shanghai auto show 2009 porsche panamera – the famous sports car maker creates a four-seater with four doors (more on wikipedia)

shanghai auto show 2009 geely ig fantastic concept – chinese entry in ultra mini category (via china car times)

shanghai auto show 2009

shanghai auto show 2009 brilliance ev concept – electric car with unique doors(via autoblog green)