‘shell’ is a project born with the mission to design the most versatile backpack on the market. practical, smart and adaptable to the needs of the most active people — that’s what lúcid design agency tried to create.

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images courtesy of lúcid design agency



‘shell’ backpack allows you to carry everything you need for a day away from home to a two-week trip on the other side of the world, packing enough clothes while saving 20% of space. adjustable to 3 sizes of 22L, 30L and 40L, it’s like having three different backpacks in one. the journey to create the ultimate backpack has been a huge challenge for lúcid design agency. they aimed to design a unique product that on one hand, saves space, and on the other, improves user experience with respect to products already on the market.

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the project started with an in-depth user study that established the objects people take with them on all kinds of trips: to the office or to study, on a short weekend getaway, or on long trips. with all the items clearly defined, lúcid design began the conceptualization of the backpack, with the aim of ensuring that all the articles have their own space in the most orderly and handy way possible. 

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moreover, ‘shell’ has a variety of accessories that allows users to adapt the bag to their needs. from an interior wardrobe to fit enough clothes for two weeks, to a cover for a professional camera, to an outdoor toiletry bag to have on hand whenever you travel. additionally, it contains bluesign® approved components, 100% recycled nylon, and 64% recycled polyester, which are both strong and resistant materials designed for constant, heavy use.




tropicfeel has launched the product through kickstarter and it’s already reached the collection figure of 2 million euros. the day-to-day of the project has been based on continuous collaborations. the team of industrial designers, fashion designers and engineers have been in constant contact with tropicfeel and its users. only in this way have they been able to validate that the design proposal meets all market and user requirements. after creating and testing 8 prototypes and involving more than 5,000 users in the iteration and improvement process, they believe to have achieved an attractive, functional, and durable product that meets the objective that they set at the beginning of the project.

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project info:


name: shell backpack

client: tropicfeel

design: lúcid design agency

lead designers: cristina alberola, roc miranda, marc fabra

textile designer: cristina alberola

engineering: juan izquierdo


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edited by: yasmina karam | designboom