‘ARK1’ mission patch by shepard fairey for CASISall images courtesy of FICTION and the artist



when creative agency FICTION was approached by their client CASIS (center for the advancement of science in space) to develop a mission patch for their inaugural flight, they stepped outside of their team and reached out to shepard fairey of OBEY giant / studio number one to get involved in the project. fairey’s emblem design for the ARK1 (advancing research knowledge 1)  – the first sponsored payload by the nonprofit organization who promotes and manages research at the international space station (ISS) U.S. national laboratory – sees him taking a slight departure from his signature artistic style, to include references to that of various historical space badge esthetics.the space expedition is scheduled to run from september 2013 to march 2014, with a number of the mission patches to be flown to theISS to commemorate CASIS’s first launch period.


‘it’s a really special thing. I’m just flattered and honored that I could create something that becomes just a small symbol of how things can move forward. the excitement of the unknown. to be part of that, is really a cool thing,’ said shepard fairey.


of the collaboration, CASIS interim executive director jim royston has stated, ‘the unveiling of this patch signifies a historic moment in the aerospace community, where a third-party entity is moving forward to send payloads to the ISS that will benefit all humankind. having a gifted and celebrated artist like shepard fairey designing this significant patch allows CASIS to reach new audiences that will enhance our mission of promoting the national lab.‘

 shepard fairey: mission patch design for CASIS   ARK1ARK1 – bringing home the magic of space, advancing research knowledge



CASIS mission patch ARK1 by shepard faireyvideo courtesy of FCTN