shigeru ban curves yumi floor lamp for fontana arte from carbon fibre




japanese architect shigeru ban, who has always shown a special interest in materials, has designed the floor lamp ‘yumi’ for fontana arte, which enhances the lightness and extension resistance of carbon fibre. the inside of the 10 cm thick stem is solid and comprised of a sequence of different materials (fibre glass, aluminum and carbon fibre), which are layered in order to obtain a single element with high structural properties. the layers are visible in the lamp, and the cables are sunk into its structure, becoming an integral part of the form.


the result is an ultra-lighting fixture. its arched shape is intended to show how carbon fibre combined with other materials produces extremely lightweight objects with high mechanical resistance.

shigeru ban fontana arte designboom yumi floor lamp (50 x 210 x 230 cm / 18W LED) black composite material coated with carbon fibre, black lacquered metal base, direct light emission. image © designboom