‘eternal’ by shinobu koizumi

japanese designer shinobu koizumi has created ‘eternal’, a stone chair with 16 ticking clocks. koizumi’s work speaks to the notion of consistency in a world which is in a constant state of change and decay. ‘eternal’ is designed to function as an immortal chair, its organic shape detailed by small pieces of granite and epoxy resin decorated by 16 embedded clocks, all of which glow in the dark. rather than being clocks which display time in an easily discernible manner, the timepieces possess only a second hand to emphasize the passage of time.

shinobu koizumi: eternal many pieces of granite are gathered and fixed by epoxy resin, becoming a chair

shinobu koizumi: eternal 16 clocks are embedded in the granite seat

shinobu koizumi: eternal in the darkness, the dials of the timepieces glow green by luminous paint

shinobu koizumi: eternal alternate view of the stone chair

shinobu koizumi: eternal

shinobu koizumi: eternal ‘eternal’ ticks off the passage of time


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