shiro studio crafts alessi-produced drinking accessories for peroni
images courtesy of shiro studio




shiro studio’s andrea morgante has designed two alessi-produced drinking accessories for italian beer brand peroni nastro azzuro.

the top and side view of the opener




the stainless steel bottle opener ‘fuso’ (italian for liquefied), symbolizes its specific fabrication process through precision investment casting. the form is a fluid and tactile interpretation of the beer brand’s recognizable ribbon, and has an elongated shape that ensures effortless movement when opening a bottle.

the peroni ribbon influenced the object’s form


‘fuso’ is cast from stainless steel


the chillers appear like a clear block of ice that has been caught in the act of melting




the second product morgante has developed is ‘algor’, a thermal insulted double-wall decanter cooler that prevents external condensation whilst keeping the contents chilled for a minimum of 30 minutes. manufactured by alessi in italy, the chiller is made from high-grade PMMA which is fully recyclable.

the bottle coolers give off the appearance of blocks of ice




andrea morgante describes his influcences for the design of ‘algor’, ‘I was interested in emphasizing the function of the chiller by physically manifesting the cold temperature and the act of thermal energy transfer via its shape. like a clear block of ice, caught in the act of melting. the chiller reveals crisp ‘frozen’ edges and soft, melting folds, conveying the haptic illusion of cold’.



crisp edges and soft, melting folds are revealed by the form




studio visits to alessi during the development of ‘fuso’ and ‘algor’


andrea morgante discussing his designs with the alessi team