‘intake’ door handle by shiro studio for dnd

london architectural and product design studio shiro studio has created the ‘intake’ door handle. in architecture, like on cars, door handles are the first part of the building that is touched, creating the first physical impression. shiro studio had the aim to enhance the tangible experience of physically relating the visitor to the building through its surface, mass and weight.

the project approaches the conventional concept of a door handle more intuitively, where here the hand connects with the mass and discovers the opening mechanism through touch not sight. the solid mass of the cuboid volume is anatomically deformed only where the hand touches and presses against the palm and on the tip of the thumb.

‘intake’ will also be presented at the 2011 milan design week.

shiro studio: intake  front view showing the opening mechanism

shiro studio: intake made of cast solid brass, manufactured in Iitaly

hands on door handles competition currently, designboom in collaboration with COLOMBO DESIGN is promoting an international competition asking participants to design a versatile interior door lever handle to suit contemporary forms of surrounding architecture, for both residential and public projects. participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts. registration is free.

registration is now open until april 20th, 2011. for more information about the competition and how to register, click here.

designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions’ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication.