sillas 001 by ROW studio & piopio editions
photo © designboom



ROW studio & piopio editions have collaborated on the 001 silla which they presented at the abierto mexicano de diseño 2014.


pre-existent folding chairs were painted with neon paints and modified with the addition of recycled chip foam – a heterogeneous mixture of polyurethane foam with a polyether and polyester base – all joined together with a polyurethane-based glue.


aiko on one of the 001 sillas



detail of the chip foam seat
photo © designboom


the foam varies with every production lot depending on the recycled fabrics
photo © designboom


silla 001 – neon blue
photo © designboom


silla 001 – neon green
photo © designboom


silla 001 – neon yellow
photo © designboom


silla 001 – neon orange
photo © designboom


silla 001 and ‘digital marquetry’ tables
photo © designboom



the 001 chairs were presented alongside two colorful tabletops, featuring graphics that had been printed using a flat bed digital printer. these table tops are from an upcoming collection exploring marquetry techniques using modern technology like laser cutting and high density laminated surfaces.


detail of the table
photo © designboom



álvaro hernándex felix and alfonso maldonado ochoa of ROW studio with gala fernández of piopio editions
photo © designboom