single specimens of seawood are applied as graphic decoration for ‘silverware’, a collection of hand thrown photosensitive porcelain vases by glithero. the london-based studio has harvested samples of the underwater plant from the english channel, arranging individual leaves on the vessels to create patterns. the images of the vegetation are then transferred to the objects via a process similar to traditional methods of developing photographs – a rotating light-printing machine developed by the designers is placed inside a darkroom whereby each piece is then exposed to the device’s luminosity.

silverware by studio glithero round vase: H36 x W43 cm / all images by petr krejčí



once this is complete, the vases are immersed in different baths of photographic developer which ultimately reveal a detailed translucent print. the tonal photogram and the deep black of the silver salt particles on the surfaces offer a significant visual contrast, obliterating the once organic nature of the seaweed. the project is a conceptual continuation of glithero’s earlier ‘blueware collection’ which designboom published here, in which they captured the impressions of botanical samples on ceramic pieces in a similar manner. galerie vivid is presenting glithero’s ‘silverware’ procelain works at designmiami/ 2012.

silverware by studio glithero the image of the underwater vegetation is transferred to the vases photosensitive surface via a rotating light-printing machinebig vase: H51 x W44

silverware by studio glithero the contrast between the photograms and the deep black of the vessels offer a visual contrast

silverware by studio glithero

silverware by studio glithero details of the seaweed images transferred to the vessels

silverware by studio glithero the photo developing process is sensitive enough to capture the adhesive used to attach the seaweed to the vases

silverware by studio glithero tall vase: H58 x W30 cm