smart ebike design tour at london design festival 2013
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the smart ebike design tour has already passed through berlin and milan, and will now travel to the london design festival. this edition has been realized in cooperation with 100% design, with the guided excursions stopping off at the most exciting exhibitions and programmes of the week-long event (from september 14th to 22nd). there are five different options to choose from:


tour 1 :
offered daily from wednesday, september 18th – saturday, september 21st 10.30am – 1pm
events: mosaic rooms – royal college of art – serpentine gallery – V&A – workshop for potential design


tour 2 :
wednesday, september 19th, 2 pm – 4.15 pm
events: vessel gallery – tom dixon – pearsonlloyd – SCP


tour 3 :
thursday, september 19th, 2 pm – 4.45 pm
events: designersblock – the aram gallery – do shop – gallery libby sellers – domus west_1


tour 4:
friday, september 20th, 2 pm – 5 pm

events: ben sherman – creo collective – design marketo – lee broom – american hardwood export council


tour 5:
saturday, september 21st, 2 pm – 4.25 pm

events: roca london gallery – linley – wrong for HAY – new craftsmen

smart ebike design tour at london design festival 2013



registration is free.
all of the tours start and finish at the 100% design london venue located at 2 earls court, warwick rd., london.
the smart ebike design tour is a fun and active way to explore all that the british capital has to offer during design week, while also giving participants the opportunity to test drive the easy-to-ride two-wheelers. refreshments from FIJI water will be provided to quench your thirst.


find out more information about the smart ebike design tour at the london design festival and how to participate here.


if you’re unable to make it, bettery magazine will be giving highlights from the urban expeditions, so you can read all about the main events!

smart ebike design tour at london design festival 2013
map of the various tours’s main stop-offs
image © bettery magazine