smart magazine explores the idea of co-existing through a multimedia story dedicated to the providers and services that could shape our shared future. as the international online brand publication of smart, who are most renowned for their small, dynamic and efficient city cars, the web-based platform is a destination for discussing solutions for today’s urban challenges, in doing so, highlighting people, products and ideas that improve the well-being in cities. it is their second comprehensive feature, following the inaugural article about tomorrow’s sustainable city, and focuses on the growing wave of entrepreneurs and creatives that aspire to a global, decentralized, flexible, and self-determined lifestyle. they have high demands when it comes to infrastructure, comfort, authentic local experiences, and individual mobility, reflecting a revolutionary change for communal living in today’s urban environments.

smart magazine co-existing designboom4
spark architects’ ‘homefarm’ project
all images © smart magazine



smart magazine’s ‘co-existing – the shared future‘ feature provides a glimpse into the future where the co-existing movement has aligned itself as a solution to many of today’s urban issues. it focuses on co-living, co-working, co-dining, co-farming, and co-sharing to create a fully immersive and highly visual story, where each topic is explored on a separate floor of an interactive high-rise building. providing a unique user experience, readers can enter each respective room filled with multimedia content, such as 360 degree panorama, photos, and essays and films from innovators in the field.

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berlin’s mindspace office provides a comfortable environment for freelancers



starting on the top floor of the city apartment building, the ideas of co-farming is explored with the ‘home farm’ concept by spark architects. it builds upon the growing trend of urban farms and encourages multi-generational communities to work together on vertical farms. the floor below is dedicated to mindspace – a co-working project from isreal – that unites premium design with novel services. offering 24/7 access, community support, a cafeteria, dry cleaning services, bike rentals, and even restaurant discounts, the environment is ideal for freelancers, start-ups, and all-round creatives.

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as well as lounges and cafeterias, mindspace offers an excellent environment for working



on the second floor, the interactive story-telling high-rise opens up to a room dedicated to co-living. as a paradise for nomads, it focuses around the concept of ‘roam’ – a business with global locations where elements of co-living and co-working are united into one comfortable community. on the storey below, smart explores co-dining with the service platform ‘meal sharing’, where tourists and business travelers look to share food with locals at their own home. it reflects the nature of long-standing communities and enables the visitors to feel accustomed to their surroundings within only a few hours.


bruno haid, founder of roam, talks co-living and co-working
video © smart magazine



jay savsani, founder of meal sharing, talks about co-dining
video © smart magazine



at the main entrance, a smart car is waiting for the user. it builds upon the rapidly increasing trend of ‘carsharing’, where travelers rent rides rather than own their own automobile. the service is hugely popular, gaining momentum across the globe, and offers an insight into the very near future of our cities.

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carsharing services are becoming a common sight in today’s cities


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without having to own a car, people can hire automobiles on a very flexible basis


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mindspace in hamburg, germany


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smart sees co-working as an important aspect of our future cities