mike lambourn is a recent graduate from the product design course at london’s central st martins college. lambourn recently made it his mission to help prevent bike theft. perhaps he was hit personally with the issue or just saw a design opportunity. he designed the smartlock, a seemingly normal theft prevention tool. however the smartlock is different because inside is a chamber of compressed air and liquid. if a bike thief should try to cut the lock, it will explode, spraying the perpetrator and crime scene with dye and smartwater. this dye will signal that the bike was stolen, making it harder to sell after stealing. in addition to the dye, the smartwater is invisible to the naked eye, but shows up under ultra violet scanners, making if easier to prove bike thieves guilty. this is one bike lock you don’t want to mess with.

http://www.mikelambourn.com/smartlock.html 'smartlock' the exploding bike theft device

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