during milan design week 2019, snarkitecture will narrate the world of LAUFEN with a special installation of juxtaposition. titled ‘materialmessage’, the design takes visitors through the brand’s 127 years of history and then onward towards the future. this will be with a focus on using the materials from the industrial ceramic production and connecting the experience with two precise points: the original (the material) and the arrival point (the finished product).

snarkitecture builds narrative installation for LAUFEN at milan design week 2019
the clay mountain (left) beside the stacked, three-dimensional installation
all images courtesy of LAUFEN



as visitors enter the installation at the teatro arsenale inside the 5vie district, they will witness a mountain of clay laying beside the installation. the raw material – water and kaolin – forms not only the basis of snarkitecture‘s design but also of LAUFEN itself. from clay to ceramic, the various stages of production are captured as the brand expertly transforms clay into unique, exceptional products. this is, finally, in the form of a precisely stacked sequence of washbasins, which also exemplifies the concept of mass-manufacturing.



installation info:


title: materialmesaage

brand: LAUFEN

collaborators: snarkitecture

dates: april 9- 14, 2019

location: teatro arsenale