responding to the question of social distancing, multiply has introduced the ‘petticoat dress’, that helps maintain safe social interaction with fun, style and comfort during the COVID-19 crisis. the unusual dress is seen as a communication tool that reminds people of respecting social distancing but in a relaxed and creative way.

the petticoat dress 1all images by joseph gobin, multiply 



‘the two-meters distance request between people creates an awkward relationship situation, it breaks any potential social connectionmultiply shares. now more than ever, people become automatically suspicious of neighbors and people in close proximity, seeing them as threat. the distance – imaginary or not – becomes a protection that however, could be very easily attacked and destroyed. 

the petticoat dress 2



the petticoat dress works as a preventative tool, bringing back a feeling of comfort. it gives off the feeling that social contact can still be possible, just by wearing dresses. it breaks the feeling of distance, even if – in fact – you are still two meters apart. you don’t need to think or fear about others, you can move freely and again start to be surrounded by crowd and simply enjoy its beauty. 

the petticoat dress 3
google images overview of what means social distance at the time of the covid-19



inspired both by the victoria era ball gown and the scottish highland traditional kilt, the petticoat dress is a comfortable fashion accessory, easy to wear and to carry. in addition, it is easy to clean, in order to avoid promoting the transmission of the coronavirus. the dress comes with an easy-to-carry bag when traveling by car or bicycle. the fabric of the dress is inspired by pop up tents for camping : light, strong and easily washable. its capacity to quickly dry out, its foldable structure and its low production cost makes it the perfect fashion accessory during the pandemic. 

social distance in style with multiply's 'petticoat dress'
the petticoat dress by multiply office


social distance in style with multiply's 'petticoat dress'


social distance in style with multiply's 'petticoat dress'


social distance in style with multiply's 'petticoat dress'
a dress for all


social distance in style with multiply's 'petticoat dress'




project info:


name: petticoat dress
designer: multiply




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