‘soma’ is a 100% compostable water filterall images courtesy of soma




disappointed with the water filtration systems currently on the market, soma, a new san francisco-based start-up decided to take matters into their own hands. working together with david beeman, one of the top water filtration experts who has developed formulas for brands such as starbucks, the team has conceived a simple, elegant, 100% compostable product – which rivals the available plastic options – elevating the importance of water within our everyday lives.

soma water filtration systemthe cone-shaped filter nestles nicely within the vessel




the cone-shaped design is made from a starch-based PLA plastic equipped with a vegan silk filtering pad and catalytic activated coconut shell carbon particles for filtering – normally a combination of plastic resin and carbon is used to clean water – making soma a comparable organic alternative. the hourglass vessel has been created to look sleek whether in the fridge or the table of a fancy dinner party, and stands at 10.7 inches tall, with the capacity to hold five 8-0z glasses of water.

soma water filtration systemprototype




the soma carafe and filters are sold exclusively online, delivered to customers every two months via subscription so that they change their filter on time. the project is currently seeking out help on kickstarter.

soma water filtration systemthe glass carafe is designed to look great on the counter as well as the fridge


soma water filtration systemthe hourglass-shape of the carafe makes it easy to hold


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