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hot tub boat 'spacruzzi' drifts on the sea with gas-powered fireplace stove

a hot tub, boat, and fireplace in one watercraft


Spacruzzi can’t decide whether the company wants to make a boat, a hot tub, or a fireplace, so it combines the three and comes up with a floating hot tub that warms up through the gas-powered furnace inside the water vehicle. It’s also an electric watercraft that can cruise for up to four to five hours on a full charge. Spacruzzi seems to change the definition of luxurious partying on the sea.


While it can accommodate around four to five people per ride, at least riders get the spend time with those who they want to get together with. No strangers or friends of friends who snack on finger food or straight-up drink glasses of alcohol while vibing with the house music in the background.

hot tub boat spacruzzi
images courtesy of Spacruzzi



Cold in the sea while warm in the tub, Spacruzzi’s patent-pending fireplace stove keeps the hot tub boat away from freezing episodes. The company builds an internal heating, circulation, and filtration system that boils the water in the hot tub boat at a right warm temperature throughout the ride.


There’s no need for the party animals to chuck in logs of wood into the fireplace as Spacruzzi’s stove can regulate its own temperature, letting the passengers just enjoy the view, drinks, and music (if they’ve brought a waterproof speaker with them). The internal filtration system, which is a combination of UV and saltwater cleansing, also heats and cleans water as it circulates in the tub while the hot tub boat is dockside. 

hot tub boat spacruzzi
Spacruzzi combines a hot tub, boat, and fireplace in one watercraft



Spacruzzi is shaped like a teardrop

Design-wise, Spacruzzi takes its shape from a teardrop and carves a deep space for the interior to sit down the passengers. A ladder is positioned on the side to help people climb from their swim in the sea, and if someone doesn’t know how to paddle across the water, a floatation device is anchored on the side.


Good news for those eyeing customization: Spacruzzi can be designed to the user’s taste in various decking, paint, metal, and wood finishes. They can also opt for shade towers, underwater lights, trailers, and more to further tailor their Spacruzzi to how they want it to be.

hot tub boat spacruzzi
the hot tub boat is shaped like a teardrop



Stepping inside the hot tub boat, the propane-powered stove with a safety system and automatic shut-off feature sits adjacent to the electric motor that Spacruzzi describes as ‘whisper quiet with quick change’ and that can rapidly charge batteries to allow for extended outings. The company reminds the riders that they can choose from a variety of premium synthetic teak and rubberized decking options, colors, and caulking for the edge design of the hot tub boat.


hot tub boat Spacruzzi

Made in Nevada and Montana


Riders who want to own a Spacruzzi are afforded a premium paint finish, decking, motor, battery, filtration and heating system, fireplace stove, boat cover, heat retention pad, and required safety lighting. The trailers, shade towers, floating drink caddies, underwater lighting, safety kits, and other equipment or additives for customization can be provided to them upon the initial quote.


The hot tub boat is designed, fabricated, and assembled in the company’s production facilities located in Nevada and Montana as its means of supporting locally owned suppliers and service providers. As of publishing the story, riders can start saving up for Spacruzzi’s starting price of 48,900 USD.

hot tub boat spacruzzi
the propane-powered stove has a safety system and automatic shut-off feature

hot tub boat spacruzzi
riders can also customize Spacruzzi to their liking


hot tub boat Spacruzzi


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