‘saturn tape dispenser’ as part of the spationary collection by jeongmi lee

south korean designer jeongmi lee has conceived ‘spationary’ – a cosmic galaxy of stationary accessories. the two products developed as part of the range include ‘saturn tape dispenser’ and the ‘abandoned planet’ pen holder. the ‘saturn tape dispenser’ body mimics the famous ring of the great planet to encircle a roll of tape, and ‘abandoned planet’ organizes one’s pens in an almost ordered chaos – a silicon sphere with random cut outs for pen storage. the collection transforms daily objects into planetary wonders.

spationary by jeongmi lee the body of the design mimics the ring of saturn

spationary by jeongmi lee the tape pivots on its base

spationary by jeongmi lee detail of the body

spationary by jeongmi lee ‘abandoned planet’ pen holder

spationary by jeongmi lee the product packaging

a video demonstrating the ‘saturn tape dispenser’