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vibrant fire hydrant caps in new york splash water like aqua park sprays to beat summer heat

Splash Spots transform water into waterpark sprays


Splash Spots have arrived on the streets of New York City. These vibrant fire caps adorn fire hydrants in select neighborhoods, transforming the gush of water into waterpark-style sprays. They come in four different colors, each offering a unique water-splashing experience. Sunshine, with its bright yellow shade, radiates rays of water in all directions. If the water stream from Sunshine is a bit strong for someone’s liking, Blossom, the red variant, can offer a gentler cloud of water droplets.


The waterpark sprays come to life with the green and blue fire hydrant caps. Jump Rope, the green one, lets the public jump in joy as it splashes whirling water while continuously spinning. It is quite similar to Pinwheel, the purplish-blue kind, where the water is consistently sprayed using three rotating streams. Splash Spots move around the neighborhoods of New York City, with 2219 Frederick Douglass Blvd. coming next on September 9th, 2023.

splash spots fire hydrant caps new york
images by Splash Spots via Instagram



These fire hydrant caps can conserve water in new york


Splash Spots reinvent the traditional way New Yorkers seek relief from the scorching heat when temperatures soar past 90 degrees. New Yorkers typically cool off by opening fire hydrants (under authorized green light), and the creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, design studio Group Project, and non-profit Street Lab collaborated to create playful and vibrant fire hydrant caps to offer a fun and refreshing alternative. They use machine metal for the fire hydrant caps to ensure durability as they spray water in New York neighborhoods.


Beyond providing playful relief from the heat, Splash Spots can contribute to water conservation in the city. They feature an on-and-off function that allows the vibrant fire hydrant caps to release around 50 percent fewer gallons per minute than traditional capped hydrants. The design team calibrated the array of valves on the caps to achieve this water-saving mission. Splash Spots aims to see its caps in every firehouse across the five boroughs, and it appears the team is gradually making this a reality, one area at a time.

splash spots fire hydrant caps new york
Jump Rope slosh a whirling rope of water

splash spots fire hydrant caps new york
Sunshine sprays water in all directions

splash spots fire hydrant caps new york
Splash Spots caps adorn the fire hydrants in new york


Blossom releases a cloud of water droplets

splash spots fire hydrant caps new york
Sunshine spray water in all directions

splash spots fire hydrant caps new york
Blossom release a cloud of water droplets


Splash Spots fire hydrant caps in New York is made of machined metal

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