‘spring mobiles’ for isabel marant by arnold goron, 2012 wooden structure, styrofoam, paper, samba, electric motor displayed in paris, new york, madrid, beirut, beijing all images courtesy the artist

designboom has just received images of the completed ‘spring mobiles’ window display moving-sculptures by france-based designer arnold goron. he has created the pieces for french fashion designer isabel marant‘s paris, new york, madrid, beirut, and beijing locations.

the moving mobiles are comprised, firstly, of a wooden framework from which colorful materials are suspended such as paper, randomly-shaped painted styrofoam pieces, brass, and samba stick. the slow circling of the ‘spring mobiles’ is achieved by a motor which is the last component to be added to the structures. it is because of this mechanism that there is a consistent movement of the top-heavy, gravity-defying mobile, as the piece makes a slow circle around featured window and store mannequins.

spring mobiles by arnold goron for isabel marant one sculptures rests atop a structure built to both house the mannequin and also make visible the moving mobile

spring mobiles by arnold goron for isabel marant three additional views of sculptures featured in an isabel marant store

spring mobiles by arnold goron for isabel marant left: a view of the two window display mobiles as seen from the interior of one of the fashion designer’s shops right: an additional perspective featuring the shop’s exterior