an airbag slash backpack for safety


Cyclists and bikers might pedal so fast they might get caught off guard by an incoming vehicle, crashing into them and launching them from their seats. While their helmets – assuming that they are wearing one – can shield their head from injuries, other parts of their bodies might suffer from the accident.


The French company is familiar with this situation. Known for its airbags, it has added a new offering under its belt by developing STAN, a backpack that doubles as an airbag that deploys in 0.1 seconds, swiftly covering the cyclists’ and bikers’ heads, backs, chests, and necks.

stan airbag backpack
images courtesy of In&Motion



Making the airbag deploy as quickly as 0.1 seconds is imperative for the design team of STAN Airbag. They refuse to let cyclists and bikers be harmed or injured in cases of accidents, and they state that their priority is to protect the most exposed and vital areas of the bodies during a fall and not just the head.


The airbag that looks like a flotation device is flat when stored in the backpack but when triggered, it balloons into a super-bouncy cushion that looks like a seahorse. The design team believes that their backpack slash airbag reduces the risk of head trauma by 80 percent.

stan airbag backpack
STAN Airbag is also a backpack



Stan airbag calls emergency hotlines


It might already sound appealing that STAN Airbag by In&Motion protects the vital parts of the body during falls and accidents, but the airbag company takes it to a next level. The backpack also calls emergency hotlines as soon as the accident occurs. The 24/7 emergency-call system integrated into the bag alerts emergency services closest to the area of the accident, so that medical personnel can respond to the injured person as soon as possible.


Before the feature can be used, cyclists and bikers need to download the dedicated app of In&Motion and connect their smartphones to STAN Airbag’s system. Once it is ready, the backpack will automatically provide emergency services and deploy a medical team without needing to call an ambulance.

stan airbag backpack
cushion behind STAN Airbag slash backpack



The parachute-like bag is an airbag and an actual backpack where cyclists and bikers can put their things. There is a separate space for items where laptops, smartphones, accessories, and even a bottle of water can be slipped into. The STAN Airbag team is currently improving the features of the backpack and those who want to try it before it hits the market can register their interest on its site.

stan airbag backpack
cyclists and bikers can easily put their things in the bag

stan airbag backpack
STAN Airbag when the inflatable cushion is triggered



project info:


name: STAN Airbag

company: In&Motion