branch table lamp made of palm reeds and hand-gilded metal

‘hacienda’ is a collection of products made of buri (palm reed), leather, and metal designed by filipino-born new york-based stanley ruiz . the pieces were developed and made for the company hacienda crafts, a sugar plantation that started producing handicrafts in the 90’s, that is based in his native country. part of their mission is to generate countryside opportunities by providing an alternative livelihood for the farmers and their families.

the process involved weaving palm reeds onto wire frames, utilizing the core-competency of the workshop. the lamp bases were hand-gilded using gold leaf, a traditional decorative technique still prevalent in southeast asia. the collection of products includes the branch table and floor lamps, and a set of 3 pandora baskets in natural and black buri. 

stanley ruiz: hacienda ‘branch’ floor lamp and show of the making process

stanley ruiz: hacienda ‘pandora’ basket in black

stanley ruiz: hacienda natural ‘pandora’ baskets with leather handles

stanley ruiz: hacienda basic workshop and process ‘pandora’ baskets

  stanley ruiz: hacienda ‘branch’ lamps

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