star wars bluetooth speakers amplify sound through C-3PO + stormtrooper heads




for the ultimate star wars fans, AC worldwide reveals the series’ official bluetooth speakers on kickstarter. the audio systems are available in two editions: C-3PO and a stormtrooper, created with special attention paid to george lucas’ original character design. the star wars speakers boast high quality sound, featuring full 2.1 system audio. encased behind C-3PO and the stormtrooper’s eyes are two tweeters, while a down-facing ported subwoofer offers ground-shaking bass. whether users want to hook up their smartphone or tablet wirelessly through bluetooth, or plug in their console via aux, the two editions offer loud, crisp and clear audio for any environment or use.



star wars speakers-gold-plated-C3PO-stormtrooper-heads-designboom-06
the two editions: C3PO and a stormtrooper

star wars speakers-gold-plated-C3PO-stormtrooper-heads-designboom-10
bluetooth capability lets you play music through the speakers with ease

star wars speakers-gold-plated-C3PO-stormtrooper-heads-designboom-09

star wars speakers-gold-plated-C3PO-stormtrooper-heads-designboom-03

star wars speakers-gold-plated-C3PO-stormtrooper-heads-designboom-07
the stormtrooper head speaker is available on kickstarter



the two editions provide loud, crisp and superior audio