steam engine motorbike for casual strolls


This steam-powered motorbike chuffs and definitely takes us back two hundred years. With just a short search on the net, you can find various lists of many different reasons why daily cycling is beneficial; cycling boosts your health, avoids pollution, helps you to lose weight, and more. What if, though, you are a bit lazy one day and you don’t feel like cycling? Electric bicycles could be the answer, but not the only one. This ambitious mechanic in the video has the perfect solution for those who like to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. 


In the video below, we watch the performance of a steam engine bike, which surprisingly seems to run at a quiet high speed. Apart from the characteristic whistling sound reminiscent of old trains, the vehicle leaves behind a thick cloud throughout the journey. What a joy for the driver in the rear vehicle being covered in a puff of white smoke!

steam-powered motorbike chuffs and takes us two centuries back

video still by video uploaded on Reddit



take on the streets with a steam-engine bike


For those, who were born after the 1900s, a steam engine is a heat engine that uses fuel like coal or gas to heat up water in a tank and so create pressure that is converted into mechanical energy. The video starts with the performer filling the water tank — which is located in the center of the bike’s body. Then he lights up the fuel with the use of a lighter. He is ready to take on the streets after enough pressure has built up in the tank. This activates the cylinder, resulting in this repetitive motion that ultimately powers the wheel.


It’s not pretty clear who owns the title of the first motorcycle inventor. Some consider steam-powered motorcycles as real ones, while others claim that a motorcycle is one with an internal combustion engine. If you belong to the first category, then you should know that the very first motorized bike appeared in 1867, with the name ‘Roper steam velocipede’ built by inventor Sylvester H. Roper. Velocipede is a human-powered land vehicle with one or more unequal-sized wheels. All-in-all, this old-school vehicle in the video definitely catches the viewer’s eye, but due to the carbon-based fuels, it’s far from being sustainable or environmentally friendly. So let’s hope that steam-powered bikes will not come back into fashion.