stefan diez: rope trick lamp for wrong for hay + new order system for hay
all images courtesy of stefan diez




the rope trick light by stefan diez  presented at the stockholm furniture fair 2014 is a lamp which utilizes LED technology in a design based on a simple rope mechanism. the universal floor lamp is issued by the new danish-british label wrong for hay: a collaboration between hay from copenhagen and sebastian wrong from london. to eliminate complex mechanical joinery, the focus of the design is placed on the intuitive way of manipulating light. with the idea of the head sliding magically along the rope, the lamp can easily be directed in a wide range of positions. completed by a dimmable switch in the handle, lighting can effortlessly be controlled with one hand. this trick is made possible by the use of a specifically designed plastic extrusion profile, slitted in some strategic areas, providing the necessary strength and the right elasticity to the rope. 


the lamp, in red, can easily be directed in a wide range of positions



encompassing the LED chip, the heat sink comes as a whole unit replacing the commonly used standard bulb. reduced to the minimum, its shape expresses both its function as a cooling unit as well as light emitting source. this core part provides the best efficiency in order to control the heat produced by the chip, while demonstrating a high quality of light. diffusing the light evenly, a plastic lens caps the heat sink to prevent being blinded when looking at the lamp.

the trick for the rope to be able to stand alone is possible through the use of a plastic extrusion profile





the lamp’s form and contours are based on the indian rope trick — an illusion which can be traced back many centuries to buddhist and hindu philosophy. this renowned feat demonstrates a rope rising into the air on its own, without support, and which that ‘magician’ would climb up to the top and balance there.

the lampshade is connected to the LED head



HAY has partnered up with the design and interiors trade fair formland up/graded to launch the HAY talent award – the biggest nordic talent competition to date. students from all design schools are invited to take part. the jury comprises some of the world’s leading designers, including sebastian wrong, stefan diez, scholten & baijings, andersen & voll, big game and doshi levien – and a prize of 15,000 euros.

by shifting the rope, the shade adjusts its positioning

after sliding the head in its up-most position, the light can be cast upwards onto the wall or ceiling

various arrangements of the rope trick lamp

rope trick floor lamp serves as a reading light next to a bed, a chair or a table



diez also presents ‘new order’, a basic shelving grid made of a variety of colored, cast and extruded aluminum profiles. the boards come in two varying heights; the higher, 80mm trays are ideal for storing or presenting all sorts of smaller, bigger or irregular objects, while the regular shelves are ideal for books and files. wooden screens and doors can be added without any tools doors and can be attached on any side held together by near invisible fittings and hinges made from polypropylen. ‘new order’ an economically attractive solution for many standard applications in an office or domestic context.



‘new order’ shelving unit