stefan sagmeister ‘why design?’ at vienna design week october 1st, 2010 — 7pm

address: k/hauskino akademiestraße 13, vienna

stefan sagmeister portrait by john madere

‘everybody should talk about everything that’s everywhere. design is everywhere.’ stefan sagmeister

at vienna design week, happening october 1 – 10, 2010, austrian graphic designer stefan sagmeister is having the first of a series of talks, under the title, ‘why design?’ – an exploration of the importance of design and its powerful influence on our daily culture. a native of vorarlberg, stefan sagmeister studied at the vienna university for applied arts. he lives and work in new york.

austria’s most important international design festival is now in its fourth year. at this year’s edition, stefan sagmeister is represented twice: he has designed NEW VIENNA NOW, a book about the creative scene in vienna which will also be presented within the framework of the festival.

stefan sagmeister talk at vienna design week 2010 ‘lisbon billboard’ by stefan sagmeister (2009)

one of sagmeister’s most recently finished project works with the existing properties of newsprint paper as a communicative tool. using a large roll of the cheaply acquired material, ‘lisbon billboard’ shows the words, ‘complaining is silly. either act or forget’ by use of stencils and exposure to sunlight. after the billboard has been sufficiently yellowed, the billboard was shipped to lisbon where the typography would slowly fade away with the sunlight, creating a powerful and relevant effect to the message.

stefan sagmeister talk at vienna design week 2010 billboard half exposed to the sun

stefan sagmeister talk at vienna design week 2010 billboard completely exposed to the sun

please note: also, don’t miss vienna design week’s LABORATORY, which invites emerging graphic and product designers to develop and present a project on-site at the festival’s headquarter at the KUNSTHALLE wien, project space, at karlsplatz, 4th dist., treitlstraße 2. earlier that day, on october 1st, at 5:30 pm, eero koivisto (SWEDEN) will have a presentation as well.

the design talks during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK: supported by departure, some of the best-known designers in the world will be addressing the question ‘why design?’

october 5th, 2010, 7pm
inga sempé
october 8th, 2010, 7pm
gijs bakker

october 9th, 2010, 7pm konstantin grcic

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