stefano giovannoni’s monolithic tivù tv-stand produced by internoitaliano
structure in MDF, lacquered in black, white, blue
14,3 kg
65 x 60 x 40cm




stefano giovannoni first debuted ‘tivù’ in 1990 as part of a family of objects called ‘stones’ — characterized by a square and monolithic language. now, more than two decades later, the television stand and storage unit has been put into production by internoitaliano to communicate the design’s iconic form; which references the graphic sequence that rai – italian radio and television corporation – aired at the beginning and closing of its broadcasts from the 50s to 80s.

stefano giovannoni internoitaliano designboom
‘tivù’ features V-shaped wings that offer a space in which to hold newspapers and magazines




‘tivù’ features a cable box and DVD player located behind a central door, with V-shaped wings offering a space in which to hold newspapers and magazines; while wheels allow one to easily move the unit around. this updated version has a shallower depth than its predecessor in response to the fact that television screens today are much thinner compared to those of the 90s.

stefano giovannoni internoitaliano designboom
first debuted in 1990, the design has been modified to accommodate today’s thinner TV screenstivù tv-stand by Stefano Giovannoni designboom
the design is monolithic in form
tivù tv-stand by Stefano Giovannoni designboom
‘tivù’ by stefano giovannoni is produced by internoitaliano